Encouraging our children to share their gifts….

December 11th, 2018

It is so beautiful if we can share our gifts with our children, so that they in turn learn to share with others.

Sometimes we may have the smallest gifts, and feel too shy and vulnerable to share it.

If we just take that little step to share, we will find that there are many others who have the same shyness, and just that little step that we take, can create quiet ripples in the lives of many, ripples that help to bring beautiful energiez and transformation into their lives, and also our own lives coz what we give out comes back.

Sometimes we may think that receiving physical and materialistic things from sharing our gifts is a sign of success, which is great and all a part of what will come, but the most amazing results one can attain from sharing our gifts are the quiet qualities of peace, contentment, joy, truth, unconditional love, insight, beauty, faith, forgiveness, surrender, giving, serving, here and now moments, and all those high vibe energiez which all play a fundamental part in our life here on earth and what is to come…

Video of author reading The Tree That Talks

July 10th, 2018
The Tree That Talks
 Hi beautiful friends…just want to freely share my book The Tree That Talks ( a book about living in the moment) to you all, and especially for your children

It has a beautiful message about Living in the Moment that I truly want to share with you all, as it is so much needed in today’s busy attached world

Below is the video link –

If you would love a copy of The Tree That Talks for your family library, please go to the below link to purchase. Thank you!


Nature speaks….

May 22nd, 2018

I have an awesome camper van which I just love using to go on heaps of nature trips.  Travelling in a van allows me to draw very close to raw nature and receive words of inspiration from it.  Here are some words I received from nature….


Nature is….

A place of silence

A place of stillness

A place of magic

A place of mystery


Here in this place of stillness there is an abundance of energy


Energy that when applied with stillness brings forth amazing creativity, imagination, thoughts, ideas from another realm…the realm within, which we search for outside of ourselves, only to keep returning to find it within


A paradox…from searching outside of ourselves we go within, where there is profound insight that leads us to our inner truth


Just love how my van draws me ever so close to raw nature, where I delight in its silence, stillness, magic and mystery!

“Speak to the Earth and it will teach you”

April 19th, 2018

“Speak to the earth, and it will teach you”…Just love how nature can speak to us, and share sooo much wisdom and insight on how to live life to the highest version of ourselves


As a child, I spent a lot of my time in my Mums village Hula PNG,and it was here that I really connected to the grass roots level of living and speaking with nature


Fast forward the years into my fifties soon, and the only way I can connect with nature on a deep level is to become a child again, that feeling I felt as a child…to be uninhibited, untamed, raw…to not have any preconceived ideas of how things shoud be, but to just let go with a free unblocked heart and mind as of what a child has…helps me step into the moment where magic is, and where we can hear nature speak to us. As adults we tend to hold onto sooo much, and this at times causes a blockage to being able to hear nature speaking to us. As of the wise words, “to enter that garden of eden we have to become a child again”


My children’s books reflect the above….lets all become kids, laugh, play, talk to the earth, and connect with nature so that we can create an amazing place on earth


To view my books and ebooks please go to my book’s links –



The inner art of breaking down walls

February 22nd, 2018

Just thinking this morning of how my kids have taught me so much (through life experiences) about the art of breaking down walls to move to the next level of life, esp that of my dreams. Very often we have a dream and we feel how do we attain this dream? What I have discovered is that life can have many walls around me which reflect my inner resistance to change, and because it is an inner energy, I find that I can convert that inner resistance with inner work, such as stepping into the moment and absorbing all those beautiful energies one feels when stepping into the moment. I then take these beautiful here and now moment energies with my mind to the inner resistance, and I find that over time the walls gradually dissipitate, allowing me to step into my dreams. If you need more info about this, feel free to message me. Love that we have a beautiful mind to help us in our daily walk with life, and so love my beautiful kids and grandchild for being my angelic guides

A very natural upbringing in my Mum’s village Hula, PNG

January 30th, 2018

Reminiscing about my childhood life…I always have loved reconnecting to a more grass roots, community village based lifestyle. This derives from my childhood upbringing in my mama’s village Hula, PNG, which now reflects in my published children’s books. My four sisters and I went to international schools in Port Moresby, lived there and balanced it with spending time in Hula. I so loved my gypsy trips to Hula in my papa’s vw van, or uncle’s trucks and buses, and sometimes in my bubu’s(granpa and grandma) traditional boats/canoes, hence my love for the outdoors, nature, gypsy life, all things organic and vans lol! What I am trying to reconnect back to is the community feel of sharing and caring, fetching water from wells, organic growing of fruit and vegies, cooking over an open fire, being surrounded by natural healers, folklore stories around the fire on the beach at night, living in a gorgeous, patched up wooden tin home over the sea(as in the picture), sleeping on mats on floors that had cracks and holes in them where I would peep down into the sea at night and dream about being a mermaid, paddling out to reefs in our traditional canoes, sleeping under the stars and moon on the beaches, spending heaps of time with raw nature, not having to deal with complex tax, financial and medical systems, and enjoying much more of the organic lifestyle. This lifestyle I believe is something a large majority of people are craving for, as we search for a deeper meaning in life, and it is one that helps us to reconnect to our inner truth. Lov lov lov my childhood upbringing and just want to share it with the world, hence I am now an author, all my books are about spending time with nature, as I did in Hula, and all the positive messages nature wants to share with us, hence leading us to our inner truth. Thanks beautiful Hula and family there. I dedicate my published books to you all, esp to my gorgeous kids!..Luv ya heaps You can view my books on or (copy & paste website if need to) #naturelover #communitylifestyle #villagelifestye #naturebooks #organiclifestyle

Female Camper Van Life – how to help children let go of their mamas who need some “me” time

November 21st, 2017

I recently purchased a camper van, and so truly love the experience of travelling on my own in the van, and having “me” time. As a mother, I have always sacrificed my “me” time for my children, which is only the most natural, beautiful thing to do, but as mothers, if we are not careful, we can experience burn out.  It is so important as mothers to take time, to spend time with ourselves.  This also applies to fathers, who sacrifice themselves to either be at home for their children, or work harder in the work place to provide financial benefits for their children, their partner and the home life.

You may ask, well how do I find that time for myself, or how do I say no to others and yes to me, or how do I even have the passion left to just have the energy to take time out to spend time with me? I know and understand cause I have been there.  It all comes down to choice, and asking yourself the question – how can I spend more time with “me?” Believe me when you are desperate, you will surrender and seek ways to find solutions to finding “me” time. When you ask a question, you will receive.  The answers come in many forms, you just have to be open, ready and willing for when the answers come, and also be ready to take massive action when the answers come, which can be frightening at times, so it is important to prepare yourself to make the changes, whether it is mental, physical or spiritual.

I found meditation a great source of help, especially in the areas of quietening my mind, and giving me inner strength to take massive action.  When my mind is quiet, I am able to clearly see where I am lacking, and  listen to my intuition.   As a mother, the biggest thing I saw lacking was my ability to say no to others, and yes to spending “me” time.  The more I listened to my intuition, the more it led me to find solutions.  Some of the solutions may not be easy, because as you start speaking your truth, you will experience hurt from others which may affect you, if you allow it.  The biggest benefit you will gain from listening to your intuition, is the freedom to be you, the freedom to speak your truth, as the truth will set you free!  It will also help in the areas of you finding happiness within, which is such a beautiful quality to have, as it allows one to have peace in hectic and challenging times!

My children’s books are a great to help calm the child’s mind, thus allowing for the child to find it easier for them to let go of their mothers, especially  if their mothers want to just get away for the weekend on their own in their camper van, if they have one, to spend quality “me” time.  When children are able to let go of their mothers, it allows for the mothers to also let go, not worry about their children, and just get into their camper vans and enjoy the moment, and their precious “me” time! It takes two to tango, so if the child is relaxed and happy, then Mum is happy.  If Mum finds happiness within, as above, then her children are happy, and this will reflect in her friendships and relationships.

If you need any more information about how to discover “me” time, please contact me.  My contact details are on my Do Good Lifestyle website –




A positive message for your child

November 2nd, 2017

Talk often to your child about the importance of thinking positively.  Let them know that it is a part of life at times to feel sad and unhappy, and that it is important to acknowledge and feel these feelings and to do their best to not dwell on them for too long, as this can cause the mind to release hormones that can make the body feel uneasy.  Teach them how to let go of sad, negative thoughts and replace them with happy, calm thoughts that they enjoy.  Discuss also the importance of giving to themselves, through finding inner happiness, love and value.  All this can be found and achieved through consistent meditation, yoga, prayer, visualising positive thoughts, creating a positive vision poster, spending time with nature, or spending time doing something they really enjoy.  These practices when done regularly can help to calm a child’s mind, and when their mind is relaxed, it then causes the mind to release hormones that can help make the body feel better, and also helps to make them feel at ease.





Trafford Publishing Post – “The Tree That Talks” has been selected for inclusion in the Gold Seal program!

September 8th, 2017

Hi everyone! Just adding a post from Trafford Publishing –


Barbara Anne Syassen turns to nature as a source of well-being!


In “The Tree That Talks” Barbara Anne Syassen’s children’s storybook, young readers and adults are guided toward living better lives, where their emotional, physical and spiritual health is improved through nature and the power of positive thinking.


“The Tree That Talks” has been selected for inclusion in the Gold Seal program, which recognizes excellence in writing and overall potential.  It was also given a glowing review by the US Review of Books.


“The Tree That Talks” helps children learn how to change a negative thought to a positive one.  In the book, Syassen encourages young readers to live in the moment.  She believes learning and applying this art can help children create a positive frame of mind which enriches their lives and the lives of those around them.  The book also contains information/meditation activities for parents, caregivers and teachers to use for their children.


An excerpt from “The Tree That Talks”:


“Yes that’s right replied the tree, if you don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow and enjoy what you are doing right now, this will help you to be happy.  It will also help you when you are having trouble making friends, or doing your school homework and many other things.”  The tree continued, “On days when you are upset, feeling sad, or not happy about the situation you are experiencing, then think of something that makes you happy.  This could be hugging me or someone you love.  The happy thought helps to make the sad thought go away.”


Syassen hopes “The Tree That Talks” influences a shift in people’s lifestyles.


“Children are being brought up with an abundance of information and technology, encouraging an indoor lifestyle, detached from the natural world outside and its healing properties.  This book encourages children to spend time with nature and make the most of what it has to offer them.  It also encourages parents to spend time with their children outdoors with nature.”


Trafford Publishing


The Tree That Talks Relaxation Therapies for Children

June 26th, 2017

The Tree That Talks Relaxation Therapies for Children (a part of Do Good Lifestyle) offers tools through Yoga, Massage, Meditation and Positive Books to help de-stress, encourage calmness, and give children an opportunity to develop positive skills in a fun and healthy way.

The children will be guided through a gentle yoga session, followed by a relaxing foot massage.  They then will be guided through a short nature meditation from one of Barbara’s positive children’s books.  The session also consists of relaxing music, along with an oil diffuser with calming essential oils.

There are many children in this modern world who have very busy minds which can make it difficult for them at times, especially when it comes to focusing on a single task and settling during sleeping/resting time.  This is where Yoga, Massage and Meditation are essential skills which children can learn, and use on a daily basis to help them achieve calmness. The calmness plays a big role in helping the mind to release the positive hormones that are essential for keeping the body healthy, and the mind at peace.

For more information about what we have to offer please go to our contact page on our website –  and send us a message.