Trafford Publishing Post – “The Tree That Talks” has been selected for inclusion in the Gold Seal program!

September 8th, 2017

Hi everyone! Just adding a post from Trafford Publishing –


Barbara Anne Syassen turns to nature as a source of well-being!


In “The Tree That Talks” Barbara Anne Syassen’s children’s storybook, young readers and adults are guided toward living better lives, where their emotional, physical and spiritual health is improved through nature and the power of positive thinking.


“The Tree That Talks” has been selected for inclusion in the Gold Seal program, which recognizes excellence in writing and overall potential.  It was also given a glowing review by the US Review of Books.


“The Tree That Talks” helps children learn how to change a negative thought to a positive one.  In the book, Syassen encourages young readers to live in the moment.  She believes learning and applying this art can help children create a positive frame of mind which enriches their lives and the lives of those around them.  The book also contains information/meditation activities for parents, caregivers and teachers to use for their children.


An excerpt from “The Tree That Talks”:


“Yes that’s right replied the tree, if you don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow and enjoy what you are doing right now, this will help you to be happy.  It will also help you when you are having trouble making friends, or doing your school homework and many other things.”  The tree continued, “On days when you are upset, feeling sad, or not happy about the situation you are experiencing, then think of something that makes you happy.  This could be hugging me or someone you love.  The happy thought helps to make the sad thought go away.”


Syassen hopes “The Tree That Talks” influences a shift in people’s lifestyles.


“Children are being brought up with an abundance of information and technology, encouraging an indoor lifestyle, detached from the natural world outside and its healing properties.  This book encourages children to spend time with nature and make the most of what it has to offer them.  It also encourages parents to spend time with their children outdoors with nature.”


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The Tree That Talks Relaxation Therapies for Children

June 26th, 2017

The Tree That Talks Relaxation Therapies for Children (a part of Do Good Lifestyle) offers tools through Yoga, Massage, Meditation and Positive Books to help de-stress, encourage calmness, and give children an opportunity to develop positive skills in a fun and healthy way.

The children will be guided through a gentle yoga session, followed by a relaxing foot massage.  They then will be guided through a short nature meditation from one of Barbara’s positive children’s books.  The session also consists of relaxing music, along with an oil diffuser with calming essential oils.

There are many children in this modern world who have very busy minds which can make it difficult for them at times, especially when it comes to focusing on a single task and settling during sleeping/resting time.  This is where Yoga, Massage and Meditation are essential skills which children can learn, and use on a daily basis to help them achieve calmness. The calmness plays a big role in helping the mind to release the positive hormones that are essential for keeping the body healthy, and the mind at peace.

For more information about what we have to offer please go to our contact page on our website –  and send us a message.


Customer Review – “The Happy Rainbow”

September 17th, 2015


For customer reviews please go to - or website. Go to the gallery section and click onto the book’s names – The Tree That Talks or The Happy Rainbow.

A positive review for “The Happy Rainbow”…Thanks Susy!

“Another wonderful book from the author, with a special message and awareness of colours that both children and parents can take with them into everyday experiences.”

Customer review – “The Tree That Talks”

August 8th, 2015

For customer reviews please go to - website. Go to the gallery section and click onto the book’s names – The Tree That Talks or The Happy Rainbow.

Thanks heaps for your below review Janita!

A beautiful story with a positive message for children. Ensuring children have a positive outlook is so important. This book, written in language and with colorful illustrations that children will relate to, is the perfect aid for parents and teachers to assist them in their growth. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has the opportunity to engage with young people.

“Cheeney the Friendly Dolphin – A book about the thoughts that grew “

July 1st, 2015

“Cheeney the Friendly Dolphin” is the title of my fourth book, and is a story about the thoughts that grew!

The main characters Annabella and Zygamore enjoy going to the beach to have fun with their friend Cheeney, a fun loving and wise dolphin.  With Cheeney they discover that their thoughts and dreams can come true!  Cheeney talks to them about the importance of thinking positive thoughts, and how to change unhappy thoughts to happier ones.

As parents and carers it is important to teach and guide their children to learn the art of positive thinking, as this will help to play a large part in helping their children to manage stress and unhappy situations that come their way.  Life is not always about happy moments, and there will be times that make us feel stressed and upset.  My books help children to learn constructive, positive ways to manage stress and allow the mind to think calm, positive thoughts.

Another great, positive read for children!

Aromatherapy – A soothing oil to help relax your child

June 18th, 2015

The essential oil Roman Chamomile is a soothing oil to use for children who are irritable and have tantrums.  Put one drop on their pillow at bedtime.  When this oil is blended with a carrier oil, it can be used as a massage oil to help soothe and relax your child.  For more information about ways  to help relax your child,  please contact me on The Tree That Talks Plus More Facebook.

The positive effects from Massage Therapy/Aromatherapy

May 13th, 2015

One of the biggest, positive effects from Massage Therapy/Aromatherapy is that it works on the Central Nervous System, and helps to calm the mind.  When the mind is relaxed, it releases positive hormones and nerve impulses that help to relax the organs of the body .  When the mind and body are relaxed it promotes healing.  Part of what I do  with my business “The Tree That Talks Plus More” is to promote positive health awareness in this area, especially for women and children.



“The Shining Stars” – A book about Acts of Kindness

March 29th, 2015

“When we help others, we shine like stars, and the stars shine with us.”

My next soon to be published book is called “The Shining Stars”  and is a book about Annabella and her friends, Zygamore, Sapphire, and Lewis, who go out to visit a homeless animal shelter to feed the animals.  They also go camping, and at night the “Shining Stars” appear to them, to praise the children for their kind work with the homeless animals.

The book also contains an activity for parents, teachers or carers to use with their children, to inspire them to be compassionate and giving towards others.

Another  great, positive read for children!

“The Tree That Talks” – A book about “Living in the Moment” for children

February 18th, 2015

“Spend some quiet time with nature each day, and take notice of how it helps to make you feel more at peace and in tune with the present moment.”

My first  book “The Tree That Talks” is a book about  spending time with nature, and listening to what it has to say to us.  Annabella, the main character enjoys going to the park to spend time with her favorite tree, especially at times when she is feeling sad.  The tree talks to Annabella, and gives her a message on “How to be Happy and Live in the Moment.”

The book also contains information for parents, carers and teachers on how to help your children learn the art of visualizing positive thoughts, meditation and prayer, and  it  teaches children how to change a negative thought to a positive one.  To teach this message to young children, enables them to focus on positive, constructive dreams which they can take into their teenage years and adulthood.

The Tree That Talks is a valuable book to have in your home library as it benefits the whole family!

“The Happy Rainbow” – A book about painting your world with bright, positive colors and pictures

January 8th, 2015

“Colour and paint your world with beautiful, positive, bright colors and pictures, as this will help to create a wonderful world around you.”

My second book “The Happy Rainbow” is based around the above words, and is a story about Annabella who has a dream about an unhappy rainbow who asks her to help make it happy.  Both Annabella and her friend Zygamore decide to draw the rainbow, and they discover that through painting with bright, positive colours and pictures, they help the rainbow to become happy.

A great, positive read for children!