Trafford Publishing Post – “The Tree That Talks” has been selected for inclusion in the Gold Seal program!

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Barbara Anne Syassen turns to nature as a source of well-being!


In “The Tree That Talks” Barbara Anne Syassen’s children’s storybook, young readers and adults are guided toward living better lives, where their emotional, physical and spiritual health is improved through nature and the power of positive thinking.


“The Tree That Talks” has been selected for inclusion in the Gold Seal program, which recognizes excellence in writing and overall potential.  It was also given a glowing review by the US Review of Books.


“The Tree That Talks” helps children learn how to change a negative thought to a positive one.  In the book, Syassen encourages young readers to live in the moment.  She believes learning and applying this art can help children create a positive frame of mind which enriches their lives and the lives of those around them.  The book also contains information/meditation activities for parents, caregivers and teachers to use for their children.


An excerpt from “The Tree That Talks”:


“Yes that’s right replied the tree, if you don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow and enjoy what you are doing right now, this will help you to be happy.  It will also help you when you are having trouble making friends, or doing your school homework and many other things.”  The tree continued, “On days when you are upset, feeling sad, or not happy about the situation you are experiencing, then think of something that makes you happy.  This could be hugging me or someone you love.  The happy thought helps to make the sad thought go away.”


Syassen hopes “The Tree That Talks” influences a shift in people’s lifestyles.


“Children are being brought up with an abundance of information and technology, encouraging an indoor lifestyle, detached from the natural world outside and its healing properties.  This book encourages children to spend time with nature and make the most of what it has to offer them.  It also encourages parents to spend time with their children outdoors with nature.”


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