A positive message for your child

Talk often to your child about the importance of thinking positively.  Let them know that it is a part of life at times to feel sad and unhappy, and that it is important to acknowledge and feel these feelings and to do their best to not dwell on them for too long, as this can cause the mind to release hormones that can make the body feel uneasy.  Teach them how to let go of sad, negative thoughts and replace them with happy, calm thoughts that they enjoy.  Discuss also the importance of giving to themselves, through finding inner happiness, love and value.  All this can be found and achieved through consistent meditation, yoga, prayer, visualising positive thoughts, creating a positive vision poster, spending time with nature, or spending time doing something they really enjoy.  These practices when done regularly can help to calm a child’s mind, and when their mind is relaxed, it then causes the mind to release hormones that can help make the body feel better, and also helps to make them feel at ease.





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