Female Camper Van Life – how to help children let go of their mamas who need some “me” time

I recently purchased a camper van, and so truly love the experience of travelling on my own in the van, and having “me” time. As a mother, I have always sacrificed my “me” time for my children, which is only the most natural, beautiful thing to do, but as mothers, if we are not careful, we can experience burn out.  It is so important as mothers to take time, to spend time with ourselves.  This also applies to fathers, who sacrifice themselves to either be at home for their children, or work harder in the work place to provide financial benefits for their children, their partner and the home life.

You may ask, well how do I find that time for myself, or how do I say no to others and yes to me, or how do I even have the passion left to just have the energy to take time out to spend time with me? I know and understand cause I have been there.  It all comes down to choice, and asking yourself the question – how can I spend more time with “me?” Believe me when you are desperate, you will surrender and seek ways to find solutions to finding “me” time. When you ask a question, you will receive.  The answers come in many forms, you just have to be open, ready and willing for when the answers come, and also be ready to take massive action when the answers come, which can be frightening at times, so it is important to prepare yourself to make the changes, whether it is mental, physical or spiritual.

I found meditation a great source of help, especially in the areas of quietening my mind, and giving me inner strength to take massive action.  When my mind is quiet, I am able to clearly see where I am lacking, and  listen to my intuition.   As a mother, the biggest thing I saw lacking was my ability to say no to others, and yes to spending “me” time.  The more I listened to my intuition, the more it led me to find solutions.  Some of the solutions may not be easy, because as you start speaking your truth, you will experience hurt from others which may affect you, if you allow it.  The biggest benefit you will gain from listening to your intuition, is the freedom to be you, the freedom to speak your truth, as the truth will set you free!  It will also help in the areas of you finding happiness within, which is such a beautiful quality to have, as it allows one to have peace in hectic and challenging times!

My children’s books are a great to help calm the child’s mind, thus allowing for the child to find it easier for them to let go of their mothers, especially  if their mothers want to just get away for the weekend on their own in their camper van, if they have one, to spend quality “me” time.  When children are able to let go of their mothers, it allows for the mothers to also let go, not worry about their children, and just get into their camper vans and enjoy the moment, and their precious “me” time! It takes two to tango, so if the child is relaxed and happy, then Mum is happy.  If Mum finds happiness within, as above, then her children are happy, and this will reflect in her friendships and relationships.

If you need any more information about how to discover “me” time, please contact me.  My contact details are on my Do Good Lifestyle website – www.dogoodlifestyle.com




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