A very natural upbringing in my Mum’s village Hula, PNG

Reminiscing about my childhood life…I always have loved reconnecting to a more grass roots, community village based lifestyle. This derives from my childhood upbringing in my mama’s village Hula, PNG, which now reflects in my published children’s books. My four sisters and I went to international schools in Port Moresby, lived there and balanced it with spending time in Hula. I so loved my gypsy trips to Hula in my papa’s vw van, or uncle’s trucks and buses, and sometimes in my bubu’s(granpa and grandma) traditional boats/canoes, hence my love for the outdoors, nature, gypsy life, all things organic and vans lol! What I am trying to reconnect back to is the community feel of sharing and caring, fetching water from wells, organic growing of fruit and vegies, cooking over an open fire, being surrounded by natural healers, folklore stories around the fire on the beach at night, living in a gorgeous, patched up wooden tin home over the sea(as in the picture), sleeping on mats on floors that had cracks and holes in them where I would peep down into the sea at night and dream about being a mermaid, paddling out to reefs in our traditional canoes, sleeping under the stars and moon on the beaches, spending heaps of time with raw nature, not having to deal with complex tax, financial and medical systems, and enjoying much more of the organic lifestyle. This lifestyle I believe is something a large majority of people are craving for, as we search for a deeper meaning in life, and it is one that helps us to reconnect to our inner truth. Lov lov lov my childhood upbringing and just want to share it with the world, hence I am now an author, all my books are about spending time with nature, as I did in Hula, and all the positive messages nature wants to share with us, hence leading us to our inner truth. Thanks beautiful Hula and family there. I dedicate my published books to you all, esp to my gorgeous kids!..Luv ya heaps You can view my books on www.dogoodlifestye.com or www.thetreethattalksplusmore.com (copy & paste website if need to) #naturelover #communitylifestyle #villagelifestye #naturebooks #organiclifestyle

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