The inner art of breaking down walls

Just thinking this morning of how my kids have taught me so much (through life experiences) about the art of breaking down walls to move to the next level of life, esp that of my dreams. Very often we have a dream and we feel how do we attain this dream? What I have discovered is that life can have many walls around me which reflect my inner resistance to change, and because it is an inner energy, I find that I can convert that inner resistance with inner work, such as stepping into the moment and absorbing all those beautiful energies one feels when stepping into the moment. I then take these beautiful here and now moment energies with my mind to the inner resistance, and I find that over time the walls gradually dissipitate, allowing me to step into my dreams. If you need more info about this, feel free to message me. Love that we have a beautiful mind to help us in our daily walk with life, and so love my beautiful kids and grandchild for being my angelic guides

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