“Speak to the Earth and it will teach you”

“Speak to the earth, and it will teach you”…Just love how nature can speak to us, and share sooo much wisdom and insight on how to live life to the highest version of ourselves


As a child, I spent a lot of my time in my Mums village Hula PNG,and it was here that I really connected to the grass roots level of living and speaking with nature


Fast forward the years into my fifties soon, and the only way I can connect with nature on a deep level is to become a child again, that feeling I felt as a child…to be uninhibited, untamed, raw…to not have any preconceived ideas of how things shoud be, but to just let go with a free unblocked heart and mind as of what a child has…helps me step into the moment where magic is, and where we can hear nature speak to us. As adults we tend to hold onto sooo much, and this at times causes a blockage to being able to hear nature speaking to us. As of the wise words, “to enter that garden of eden we have to become a child again”


My children’s books reflect the above….lets all become kids, laugh, play, talk to the earth, and connect with nature so that we can create an amazing place on earth


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