Encouraging our children to share their gifts….

It is so beautiful if we can share our gifts with our children, so that they in turn learn to share with others.

Sometimes we may have the smallest gifts, and feel too shy and vulnerable to share it.

If we just take that little step to share, we will find that there are many others who have the same shyness, and just that little step that we take, can create quiet ripples in the lives of many, ripples that help to bring beautiful energiez and transformation into their lives, and also our own lives coz what we give out comes back.

Sometimes we may think that receiving physical and materialistic things from sharing our gifts is a sign of success, which is great and all a part of what will come, but the most amazing results one can attain from sharing our gifts are the quiet qualities of peace, contentment, joy, truth, unconditional love, insight, beauty, faith, forgiveness, surrender, giving, serving, here and now moments, and all those high vibe energiez which all play a fundamental part in our life here on earth and what is to come…

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