“Cheeney the Friendly Dolphin – A book about the thoughts that grew “

“Cheeney the Friendly Dolphin” is the title of my fourth book, and is a story about the thoughts that grew!

The main characters Annabella and Zygamore enjoy going to the beach to have fun with their friend Cheeney, a fun loving and wise dolphin.  With Cheeney they discover that their thoughts and dreams can come true!  Cheeney talks to them about the importance of thinking positive thoughts, and how to change unhappy thoughts to happier ones.

As parents and carers it is important to teach and guide their children to learn the art of positive thinking, as this will help to play a large part in helping their children to manage stress and unhappy situations that come their way.  Life is not always about happy moments, and there will be times that make us feel stressed and upset.  My books help children to learn constructive, positive ways to manage stress and allow the mind to think calm, positive thoughts.

Another great, positive read for children!

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