The Tree That Talks Relaxation Therapies for Children

The Tree That Talks Relaxation Therapies for Children (a part of Do Good Lifestyle) offers tools through Yoga, Massage, Meditation and Positive Books to help de-stress, encourage calmness, and give children an opportunity to develop positive skills in a fun and healthy way.

The children will be guided through a gentle yoga session, followed by a relaxing foot massage.  They then will be guided through a short nature meditation from one of Barbara’s positive children’s books.  The session also consists of relaxing music, along with an oil diffuser with calming essential oils.

There are many children in this modern world who have very busy minds which can make it difficult for them at times, especially when it comes to focusing on a single task and settling during sleeping/resting time.  This is where Yoga, Massage and Meditation are essential skills which children can learn, and use on a daily basis to help them achieve calmness. The calmness plays a big role in helping the mind to release the positive hormones that are essential for keeping the body healthy, and the mind at peace.

For more information about what we have to offer please go to our contact page on our website –  and send us a message.


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